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Project Management:

J. Zanon Construction works with clients to coordinate projects from concept to completion. Managing all aspects of the project, John is both involved and present during the complete design and build process. He is also pleased to answer the few hundred questions you may have for him because no project is considered complete, until we design it perfectly within the client’s eyes.


Custom Build

The combination of 30 years of experience and trusted sub-contractors, allows J. Zanon Construction the ability to create elegant custom spaces and fully custom homes from start to finish. Whether it be an addition to your existing home, a room remodel, or a completely custom home from the ground up, J. Zanon Construction leads the project through the design stage to the completed build. Some of the many custom build services included:


- Budget Consulting

- Plan / Design

- Foundation

- Framing

- Drywall Installation


Environmental & Energy Efficient planning


- Geothermal Heating

- In-floor Heating



Looking for revamping a specific room or area of your house? J. Zanon Construction offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your dream room.

- Basement / Garage Renovations

- Bathroom Renovations

- Kitchen Renovations


- Plumbing

- Windows and Exteriors

- Fireplaces

- Cabinetry and Built-ins

- Woodworking

- Painting

- Siding

- Tile/Tiling

- Flooring

- Lighting and Electrical


- Water Recovered Timbers

- Water Recycling

- Heat Recovery Systems

- LED Lighting throughout